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The box spun in the air between them, for just a moment, and then it flew, with a comfortable heft, into her hand, as though it had meant to land there for destiny's sake. Her fist closed around it, naturally, as though catching a juggler's ball, or an apple. The weight seemed like the world itself had settled around her arm.

"Everything changes now," her brother told her, from across the flames. "You're going across the ocean, and you'll wear the cloak, and carry a staff, and walk through legends."

Sarah wanted to smile at him, but the coals drew her eyes, as they always had, the darkness drawing and fading over the intense brightness beneath the surface. Fire was beyond magic, or perhaps the only magic, or - she didn't know. But she would. With all the effort she could manage, she looked up at her brother, and saw his smile behind his eyes, in the waning firelight.

"I know, Derek," she said, turning the box in her hand. "Though they don't write legends anymore, really. But - I'll write. I'll figure out a way to do better than mail, I'm sure there's something like that out in America." She grinned, suddenly, and shook her head. "It's funny, this is supposed to be the old world, the place where sorcerers and legends come from. I guess... maybe the New World is older than we thought."

Derek laughed quietly, and kicked an errant twig into the slowly dying embers. "That's something they'll never have," he told her. "Americans pretend they're older, but whatever history they have was in the trees, and they cut those down - they don't like the history they do have. Always trying to forge newer tales, newer paths."

She answered his laugh, recognizing their uncle's words, and they both fell silent for a while; an easy silence, there in the glow of the coals. "There are birds out there," she said suddenly, looking out into the dark. "Birds I've never seen, tiny jeweled ones that drink from flowers, and great herons, and the bald eagle, with the white head. And with the metals they're finding... oh, Derek, anything is possible."

He was staring into the last dying flames, or perhaps at the embers, as they flared and faded, flared and faded... Sarah bowed her head, and slowly, the night drew in around them.


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