Jan. 4th, 2012

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Thanks to Caddy-shack, of the PPC, for the prompt: "Jobs. parasol. Bomb." I'd like to explore this odd little thing later, but I think the one slice is satisfying, for now.

"There's really not enough time for this, you know."

Gina spoke through gritted teeth, her fingers white against the black steel uner the lights and night stars. "Shut up, Lily."

Lily shrugged, and turned back to the open street, lit yellow in the dark, like a monochromatic landscape, or a silent movie. There was a shadow moving on the other side, but it turned out to be an alley cat. Gina finished her job, stood, and moved out the opening of the alley they were hidden in, into the open street.

"He would have gotten it, though. Either way. You're not exactly... subtle."

The taller of the pair, Gina was usually the steady one as well-- tonight had her all out of balance. It showed. She took a deep breath, did not smack her partner and cousin, and said quietly, "I don't intend to change that tonight."

Lily shrugged again and let the subject drop, tossing her dark hair beneath the light, somewhat coquettishly. Her cousin's relationship with the constable could not quite be put into words; she suspected whoever his closest lieutenants were, they had significantly less patience for the nature of the beast that was this chase.

"How much time do we have, then?"

Glancing up at the moon, Gina shook her head. "Not much-- but enough, so if you were going to say something..."

Lily rolled her eyes and gave her partner a shove. "Let's just get on with it, shall we? Which window tonight?"

"There's a dress shop on First and Maple. It's just about perfect."

The walk was brisk; there was not quite a frost in the air, but the chill bespoke one soon, it was that kind of fall. Early, fast, and hard. It had been that kind of year, really, Lily reflected as they turned the corner.

There was a tall figure stooping on the far end of the block, and her heart nearly stopped. But he stood, picked up a piece of cloth he had apparently dropped, and walked away without a look in their direction. Gina released the breath she'd also been holding, and they slowed their steps, to give him time to leave, before they made their mark. Among other things, witnesses got messy. They'd avoided it, so far.

"White, or red?"

The tall blond frowned at her for a moment, then shook her head and smiled, just for a moment. "Yellow. But the parasols in the window are blue."

Lily grinned at her, and pulled her set of razors out of her hand bag. Within a few minutes, the window was out of the frame, and they went to work. The smoke bombs never did much damage, but they definitely sent the message - well, the bombs and the literal message that was painted with care onto both sides of the window. Care, and haste - and they were off.

"One of these days, he's going to wait up for you, or something."

Gina merely smiled.


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