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It's a minor ramble from the original sole inhabitant of a sketched world. Since his formation, he's been joined by two others, and may be joined by more as things continue to spread out in my head. In the meantime, here's a thing - the first time he sits down to write, on the narrator's advice, about nothing.

About nothing - this is hard to do. I don't even have a name, but I know there is something, and that voids - unvoids. There's a mountain, here, it's an anomaly, it sticks straight up out of the ground, and leads to rolling hills behind it. The overhang from the cliff makes for shelter, when it rains, and I've climbed up it some ways - not all the way.

The world is big, I imagine; I haven't seen much of it. Just the mountain, the hills, the plains on the other side of the mountain, where my pond is. (It's very clean, there's a tree at one end, and some very comfortable rocks about.) Jenna wanted to know if it's ever frozen over, but winter hasn't come yet, so I don't know if it will. Right now it's just a pond, a place to sit and think and swim and let your feet dangle, and Zeke is odd flying over it. I figure the rain is what replenishes it, since it does rain so often.

Zeke hasn't told me what makes the rain, though I've asked him; maybe he can't fly that far. (I bet he can't fly that far.) To his credit, he hasn't made anything up about it, either, which would be very easy to do. Jenna says she's going to make a way to fly without wings, at least without his wings, but she hasn't said this to him. He'd probably call it heresy. (Which is funny, because you'd probably call it smart.)

He hasn't even been to the top of the mountain, I think. He said it gets colder and rockier and fewer plants grow, the higher you get, but he hasn't gone to the top. Someday, I'd like to climb it and beat him there; that'd show him. Something. He's just so smug, you know? Like he somehow has one over on us, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't. For all he can fly, he still seems to be figuring out this world as he goes, same as Jenna and me. I haven't found a magic solution. I don't know where the hills go, or why, and it stands to reason he doesn't either - it seems like someone who knew what they were doing would be less smug about it. They'd just do, not spend all their time talking about what they can do.

But that's just me.

I'm glad for this spot, it's one of my favorites so far. So quiet, and sheltered, and with the bark and the charcoal, it's nice to have a way to write things down. It's so... odd. Knowing words, knowing speech, knowing writing, but having no memory of learning. I wonder if everyone is like this? I wonder if there is an everyone, if it's just Jenna and Zeke and me. I hope not. It would be nice to have more people around, another voice, another face. Not that there's anything wrong with the company now, but... more people, I guess.

I wonder if we could make a road. I think - the hard part would be finding our way back, if we went too far, and somehow I have a feeling that wouldn't be so much of a problem with Zeke around. Who knows? We could build a road, through the hills. A cairn on every hilltop, to show the way, and we'd see if there's an end to them. Maybe we wouldn't need Zeke for that.

In the meantime, it's getting dark, and I think it's a good night for no fire - the stars are out, they're harder to see when there's a fire. Zeke says the dark makes him nervous, it's why he doesn't come down at night, but it doesn't bother me so much. I can mostly see my way around, by the stars and the moon. It's true; walking does have its advantages over flight.


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