Feb. 15th, 2012

On Anger

Feb. 15th, 2012 11:25 pm
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As opposed to trying to talk myself out of belief, which I know is more or less impossible.

When will these scars heal?
When will our joy be not mixed with bitter pain?
When will you send me a fight I can win,
and not the wounds that none can mend?

We aren't all bruised in the heel,
but our struggles hurt no less.
Perhaps her wounds weren't all inflicted
in battle for all mortal man,
does that make them less worthy?
Does that make her less worthy?

When will these scars heal?
When will our joy not be mixed with pain?
When will you cease to torment me with beauty,
while around me love, tortured, struggles on?

When will his eyes smile again,
and cease to hold back tears of pain?
When will words return to my lips,
to heal in moments of need?
Why do you strike me voiceless,
when my voice is all I have to hold?

Why are we alone here, in this world?
Where are you, while the stars shine down
on bruises in the dark, and stabs in the heart?
Where are you now, while she's too far to hold?
Why do you linger far away,
while my shoulders fail to bear his load?

When will his scars, her scars heal?
When will our joy be unmixed with pain?
When will you give us the comfort you promised,
in this cold and cruel world?


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