Nov. 15th, 2011 12:29 am
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Holy crap, this is terrible. Ah, well. Getting back into the habit-- perhaps tomorrow will be a better one.

She looked across the bridge one last time, as the rain fell all around, spattering into the water, far beyond sight beneath her, and this endless cliff. This would not have been the way of her choosing, had she had a say in how and when to go, to leave this place - but the time for that grace was passed, and needs must where choice would not.

The wind pushed, the moment howled around her, and she knew there would be no more lingering, then, and turned away. The island was gone, that life was out of her grasp now, and the world opened wide before her like the maw of destiny, the gaping jaws of all eternity, dark and swallowing and endless.

There were stars above, somewhere, and maybe they were shining on this night, but she saw none, nor could have beyond the rain. That voice echoed over and over in her mind, the song of a heart broken, the song she left behind, the cries of gulls against the shores, and the love that should have been denied from the start.

Long, shining hair beneath her fingers, soft skin, and a heart, beating, perfectly in rhythm with her own. Not really, of course - their rhythms were almost always off. But she'd still loved to hold her head against the huntress' chest and listen, that beat like hooves on sand, like the surf pounding against the rocks, like love itself, wild and untamed and tied to her heart like hot coals...

Cities, she thought. Tall and shining and beautiful and bustling, and not nearly as beautiful as my love's eyes beneath her own moon... Cities. Glorious triumphs of man against the dark and the wild, new sights and sounds-- silk, and jewels, and beaten gold, not nearly as fine as the still pools of starlight on a calm night...

The second bridge was out; she would have to swim. The water, cold and cleansing, would be the undoing of the last strands of love, she thought, as she leapt swanlike into the depths and pulled forwards up to that icy surface.

And beneath that moonless night, many leagues behind her, the sun made a bet with the moon his sister, and a bow was drawn, and in the dark, an arrow loosed.


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