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Somewhere in the sea, there is a castle. A ruin, now, crumbling beneath the pressures of time and... well, pressure. But still, recognizably, a castle, standing tall and proudly in its dying twilights. It's all twilight, you see, beneath the ocean. But there is a dignity to the castle, still, a tallness to its ramparts, and a straightness to its towers, even the broken and crooked ones. The stones say something, to those who gaze upon their surfaces and their cracked depths. There is an air - no pun intended - of glory around them, as though it had once withstood the charges of millions, as though this death, the death of time and ocean tides, is fitting; no mortal could have done the same.

Your body, love, lies beneath it. When I stare, from this lonely, cold, and deadened rock, down to the light of our realm, I fancy at times I can see that castle, beneath one of those great oceans. This, of course, is a lie - it is a wonder I see the oceans at all, and only by prior knowledge know them for watry bodies, and not vast deserts, as they might be in another world. And you, were you even alive, could not see me, through all the great depths between us, those of void and space and darkness and water, and dust, and skies of both direction. But i fancy, at times, that you are looking from your own crevasse beneath the sea - the deepest, I know, in that world - back up at me, at those moments when my own refuge is aligned with yours, even for the space between us.

Ah, it was a grand time, back then, was it not? Though we ended, though it eventually fell, we made them remember us, for a moment, love. The skies knew our names! The people knew our faces, and the very stones, it seemed, bore our weight as though in favour. Your home, your father, with his cruel reign, and my own queen mother in her castle of terror, but when we met on that battlefield, we both knew what would come of the day. None could withstand us, no army, no serfdom, no band of knights in prime; all fell beneath our own force, when we'd united.

That island, our first meeting and to be the bloody conquest of one of our masters, our home eternal, so we thought - the land of wonder for the world. You knew, as I did, when we built that castle - laying half the stones with our own hands, I'm sure you recall - that it would be the envy of mortal men infinite. The poets brought back word, the empire wondered, the councils too. We withstood all we could, in the end, and no mortal nor god ever could have taken us down, the perfect dream of two such as we; it took the very land itself, the orb - if only we'd known it! that we lived upon, to crown the story.

And so eternity passes, and I stare into the gulf between us, and wait for the end of an eternity, and wonder if you think same thoughts, in your rest beneath the castle, at the bottom of the deepest trench in the deepest ocean, the darkest hole the Earth could hide you in - but not from me, love. I know your resting place, and I know that betimes, someday, you will rise from't and we will meet again, on the fringe of the sky that lies between us, and the world will be ours once again. Until then, we wait.


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